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Scouting for cosplayers! Add this LJ if you like to cosplay and act!


Tis Your friendly cosplay entertainment director that "themes" and creates "interactive entertainment" experiences for conventions. I know after this summer's movie blockbuster sequel there are alot of cosplayers with a renewed love for the character Captain Jack Sparrow so I'm wondering do any of you working on (or having completed) such a costume live in the Texas (specifically Chorpus Christi) area? We are looking SPECIFICALLY for a Jack Sparrow ONLY at this time. All other character slots have been filled for the production. Sorry. ^^; Becoming a part of the voulenteer cosplay entertainment troupe will gain you the following benefits!

- Free admission for all 3 days of the con
- Access to all backstage areas and break rooms
- Access to the Cosplay Troupe Green Room
- Access to emergency "Cosplay Crisis Equipment" in Green Room
- You will be provided snacks/drinks to keep you healthy and entergetic!
- The chance to work with and socialize with an array of special guests!
( Yes, they will prob. sign anything you want and you won't have to wait in line)
- Quote one of the con directors...
"We'll prob. let them eat with the guests at dinner as well." (more free food)
- Press, Publicity, and Photos galore for your on stage cosplay performances!
- A curteous staff ready to attend your every need for optimum performance!

What you will be required to do as the Captain:

You will absoloutely NOT be just standing and modeling the cosplay. That being said if your shy this isn't the gig your looking for. The ability to voice project is a must, sounding like the Cap'n is a plus, and you will be participating in a brief performance at opening and closing ceremonies... and then there's the obviuos. You need to have a Captain Jack Sparrow cosplay. We don't care what version, as long as it's recognizable and as close to accurate to the film's versions as possible. You will also be spending the majority of Saturday walking around carrying a large jar of dirt. If your interested, please comment in this club entry or the "cosplay casting" journal this post is being made from. You can also e-mail the creative director ( ) directly, or send an e-mail into the Asst. Director of Realmscon at ( ) stating you are interested in playing Jack Sparrow for Realmscon's "Interactive Scavanger Hunt". You CAN be a cross player. (female Jack) We don't care. As long as you can pull off the look and the voice.

Convention Dates: September 15th-17th
Location: Corpus Christi, Texas
Character Role Commitment: Will need you all 3 days of the con
Benefits: Admission, Food, Green Room, Personal Liason, Publicity, No Line/No Wait

Desired Cosplay Entertainer's Reference Picture

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Thank you for your time! If you have any further questions feel free to ask!

PS - Really Sorry if this counts as advertising/spam or wot not. Its not meant to be that way, this journal was created to assist the cosplay community by informing them when cosplayers are needed that are also interested in entertaining at cons. Just let me know if this isn't "on topic" enough so I can adjust my cosplay communities list to only those cosplay communities that are interested in casting calls. =)
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