Wiccy (wiccanslyr) wrote in con_masquerade,

Darking Polyester

I am working on a costume for a friend and we found a dress that was PERFECT for what we were doing and would need very little modification (making my job much easier). The modifications are coming along coming along nicely but we have one problem. The color is a bit too bright red.

Is there a way to reliably darken 100% polyester fabric? We only need it to dark/dull a shade or two, nothing too major.

Does anyone have any suggestions on this or do you think we are stuck with the color as is?

Thanks in advance for any help.

While I am here I thought that I would also add that I have a bunch of patterns, fabric and costume pieces for sale on my LJ here: http://wiccanslyr.livejournal.com/327715.html that I think some here might be interested in looking at. Just scroll down toward the bottom of the entry.

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