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Masqueraders meet Conheaven. Conheaven, meet Masqueraders!

I'll be posting similar postings shortly to other convention-related communities, so I apologize if you see this a couple of times.

Awhile back, I started working on the idea of applying social networking technologies to the world of convention-goers. Think a mix of MySpace and LiveJournal, with a lot more functionality specific to people like us, and made specifically for con-goers and the like (conventions, dealers, artists, etc...). The idea has me pretty excited, and we're looking to have everything wrapped up for our "Version 1" release at ChattaCon, just a few months away (Version 2 is scheduled for release at Frolicon, over Easter Weekend of 2007, and Version 3 is tentatively scheduled for release at Dragon*Con, over Labor Day Weekend of 2007).

If you'd like to take a peek at what we're doing, our teaser website is up at, and has a lot of information on what we're up to, and what we do for convention organizers, con-goers, dealers and vendors, groups of friends, and even convention "roommates". More than anything, we'd love to have you around to give your input on what we're up to - and in exchange, you get the opportunity to help make ConHeaven into the best site possible - your home away from the con, if you will. ;)

We also have forums up and running (just opened them up to the public) at - they're kinda quiet right now, and we'd love to have your help in fixing that! =)

Anyways, I look forward to hearing your feedback and to seeing everyone soon!

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