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re: ABC's "Wife Swap" searching for costumers...


My family doesn't watch TV. However, I have heard from my many friends who HAVE watched this show that the basic premise of it is to put together members of families with radically different and often fairly incompatible lifestyles, so that much live-action TV drama will be generated. The more friction the better, and the footage is also edited in such a fashion as to make the people and any "confrontational moments" seem "wackier and wilder" than they really may be. It's not about "educational experiences", it's about ratings.

I've been approached by these people before, and politely turned them down. They were looking for a family that is involved with Cosplay - however, believe me, while I / we are fairly well-known in the Cosplay community, costuming as art and for theatrical presentation are not an "obsessive focus" of my family by any means. It is merely one of several types of extracurricular activities my family finds time for on occasion. It doesn't even come close to a "main focus" of our lives (that would be our Tech Industry jobs, and school.)

Whether they dangle a "carrot" of $20,000 or $20,000,000; IMO no such "bribe" is worth introducing stress, loss of privacy, and severe disruption into my life and the lives of my family and children.

Your choice:

Now, that being said, it's entirely anyone's own choice to agree to do this. I realize your mileage may vary. However, I might suggest, before being lured by a shiny money offer with an excess of exclamation points and some "free publicity", that you do your own research on the TV show and decide for yourself if you and especially your family can handle the disruption of TV crews in your own home, not to mention a stranger from another family with fairly free reign to go through your stuff. Be aware that however mundane and fairly normal your family may be IRL, it is possible that you may be portrayed through selective editing as "those weirdos with freaky hobbies." You will have no control over the cutting and editing of what you say and do before their cameras, and might be put quite out of context.
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